More than a Travel Agency.
A Destination Management Company and an Incoming Tour Operator.

Founded in 1975 by Jose S. Leiman and Marcel Jedwab, RECEPTUR is a Company dedicated in providing top quality services.

Our main activity is providing Destination Services and ground operations for incoming traffic, ranging from FIT´s to groups, charters and incentives.

Hundreds of happy clients had their services provided with perfection and punctuality under constant supervision and with quality guarantee, always protecting our clients identity.


In order to provide a perfect performance, RECEPTUR owns it's large and modern offices in the heart of the Travel Industry area, with a most modern, computerized and complete structure.

A multilingual experienced staff understands the needs and knows exactly how to please today's most demanding traveler.

A modern and efficient communications system links RECEPTUR in seconds with all Brazil and the world. Through a network of representative offices in the main cities in Brazil, RECEPTUR can provide services all over the country.

Receptur - Receptive Services in Brazil. 2009.
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